Sound Tracks and Custom CD's

For many years Cornerstone carried a selection of sound tracks.  While they sold well, there was much waste...waste in items that didn't sell and lost sales because we didn't have what you wanted.  There was also a frequent need to order rush sound tracks for events like funerals at a cost of nearly $50! for rush shipping.  We didn't benefit from that...just the shipper.

To be more convenient for customers and prevent lost sales and wasted product on our end, Cornerstone has been licensed for many years now to MAKE CD's on demand.!  Totally licensed and legal (No pirated Youtube or other stolen product) we can make thousands of sound tracks while you wait.  You can listen and sample the different ones and once chosen, for about $11, we can make the track you need...with no shipping and no out of stock problems.  We save our customers hundreds of $ a year on Shipping alone for those rush items.

We can also make full listening Cd's of many Christian  CD's in print and even many that are out of print.  (think 1980's!) in about 15 minutes.

Besides being able to make these products, the system also will let you sample most our CD's without the need for a demo or to open a product.  Hear before you buy and make sure the CD's are what you want.  We want you happy.