Lost Your Store?

We have seen plenty of stores close their doors in Montana since 1996 when we opened.  Some opened AND closed.

We remember Rainbow Christian Supply of Great Falls that sold to Family Christian Stores (that went bankrupt twice andnow closed the entire chain of 250 stores)
We remember Bozeman Christian Supply that also sold to FCS
We remember a nice little Christian book store in Butte.
We remember Billings Bible Bookstore (where Dan first worked in a bookstore) that sold their successful store to Berean, which went under, and sold to Lifeway, which has announced all 170 Lifeway stores will be closed by the end of 2019.
We remember Ray Lodein in Kalispel
We remember a store that opened two stores in competition to Ray and then Missoula, only to close after damaging their competion unnecessarily.
We remember Mark in Hamilton, who used to work in Kalispel, and has now closed.
We remember Dani in Malta who has moved on to other things, I am sure very successfully as she is a fantastic retailer.
We remember a store in Miles City!
We remember a store in Polson.
Lethbridge, AB has just closed their store.
Missoula's Gard'n of Readin will soon be a memory.

Since 2008, 90% of the Christian Bookstores have closed.

Why are we still here?  God has blessed us here.  Our Helena community is very supportive and when family comes to visit, they often will make us one of the tourist attractions.  The VA is good for us.  Joanne is very good at stocking what people want.  We run lean and we are stubborn.

We don't want to be a 'memory'!
Please give us a call and see if we can help.  We don't want charity...we want to serve you with great product at fair prices that are often lower than you can get elsewhere.  By doing our business well we serve God.  By having the store open people are able to minister to their friends, and find product to help themselves in their own and their families spiritual walk.  Again, give us a call or email if we can help!  406 443 1991